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Do you need to be home during flooring installation?

No, you do not need to be present for installation. We know you have a busy schedule. Our installers are trusted members of our company and we know they’ll get the best job done while respecting your home, even if you’re not available for every step of the installation process.

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What does waterproof really mean?

Waterproof flooring does not mean impervious to all moisture. Most waterproof products feature a layer of water-resistant coating on the top layer of the composite. This protects the flooring from surface moisture and most liquids you find in your home. However, if moisture gets underneath that protective layer, such as in the case of a leaking toilet or dishwasher, the water resistance layer doesn’t protect it.

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What does scratchproof really mean?

Many of our laminate planks, vinyl planks, and hardwood flooring products are designed to be scratch resistant. This means they’ll stand up to daily wear and abuse better than products that weren’t designed for that level of use, however, there’s no such thing as scratch proof flooring.

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Do you move furniture for installation?

Don’t worry about your furniture. We’ll move it for you. We do ask you to remove sensitive electronics and other fragile objects that you might be worried about, but we take care of the heavy lifting!

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How long does it take special order products to arrive?

Our 10,000 square foot warehouse houses many of the products you see in our showroom. This allows us to have it ready the day you order it. Custom orders can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks, depending on the type of order.

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How do I care for my carpet?

The best way to take care of carpet is by quickly blotting spills, never wiping, vacuuming regularly, and having it professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Following these simple steps will keep your carpet looking brand new for years.

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What types of warranties do you offer?

In addition to the specific manufacturer guarantees, Ted’s Floors & Beyond offers an exclusive 60-day no questions asked warranty on most of our flooring products. If for any reason within 60 days of installation you find yourself unsatisfied, Ted’s will replace qualifying products with another of equal value. Check out our Warranty Page for more information on specific product warranties.

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What is your installation warranty?

At Ted’s we offer a premium lifetime installation warranty on carpet, hardwood, laminate plank, and vinyl plank flooring. Ted’s always stands by its installation and we want to make sure you feel great about your new floor.

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How do I care for hard surface flooring?

There are a few things that can keep your new floor looking its best. First, don’t use a cotton mop or detergent-based cleaners. Also never use abrasives like steel wool or powder cleaners that could harm the finish.

Some good maintenance tips are to sweep or dust mop daily. Vacuum weekly with the vacuum on bare floor settings and use a top-quality floor cleaner like Bona. Following these recommendations will keep your floor looking amazing much longer.

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