Meet our Installers


Darrell Hamby

Darrell Hamby has been installing floors for 40 years. His areas of expertise are LVP and LVT. He likes working for our company because it’s like family. In his free time, Darrell enjoys playing with his grandchildren and fishing.


Ruben Quib

Ruben Quib as been an installer for 18 years. His areas of expertise are LVP, laminate, and VCT. He loves installing for our company and the great labor rates. In his free time, Ruben enjoys playing music.


Alfredo Torres

Alfredo Torres has been in flooring installation for 10 years. He specializes in tile, hardwood, carpet, LVP, and vinyl. He enjoys the steady work our company provides him and the family atmosphere. In his free time, Alfredo likes to fish and draw.


Eddie Price

Eddie Price has a 35-year career in installation. His area of expertise is tile, and he loves working for us because we’re honest and guarantee our work. In his free time, Eddie enjoys spending time with his grandkids.


Shane Mitchell

Shane Mitchell has been installing flooring for 30 years. His areas of expertise are ceramic tile, LVP, and LVT. He appreciates our company’s friendly and knowledgeable sales people and competitive pay. In his free time, Shane enjoys camping, video games, and football.


Josh Mosely

Josh Mosely has been an installer for 15 years and considers himself an expertise in all types of flooring. He enjoys working for a winning company! In his free time, Josh enjoys watching his boys.


Elzie Sweeten

Elzie “Junior” Sweeten has been installing for 25 years. His area of expertise is tile. He appreciates our friendly and honest sales people. In his free time, Junior likes to go kayaking and camping.


Charles Ebert

Charles Ebert has been in the installation business for 38 years. He like our friendly sales people and staying busy with work. In his free time, Chuck enjoys fishing.


Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams has been installing for 38 years and is well-rounded in the applications of all products. He appreciates our company always being there for him and just being “good people.” In his free time, Jerry likes to fish and play the guitar.


Abraham Quib Chub

Abraham Quib Chub has had a 14-year career as an installer and specializes in carpet. He likes the helpful, family atmosphere of our company. In his free time, Abraham loves being outdoors and visiting parks.


Johnny Wagner

Johnny Wagner has been an installer for 28 years and specializes in carpet, hardwood, laminate, and LVP. He says he enjoys working here because we keep him busy, pay well, and “place principals before personality.” In his free time, Johnny enjoys woodworking.


Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown has been installing for 30 years. He specializes in laminate and LVT. He values our company’s professional dynamics and family atmosphere. In his free time, Ronnie enjoys hunting, fishing and boating.


Eddie Collett

Eddie Collett has been installing for 15 years. His areas of concentration are carpet, laminate, hardwood, subfloors, and LVP. He describes our company as very dependable, professional, and always fair. In his free time, Eddie enjoys woodworking and watching football.


Ivan Santoyo

Ivan Santoyo has enjoyed 14 years as an installer of granite countertops. He appreciates our company always treating him like family. Ivan doesn’t really have any free time because he’s always working!


Tony Mitchell

Tony Mitchell has enjoyed a 32-year career as an installer and specializes in commercial and industrial glue-down applications. He takes pride in his work, our company, and appreciates that we always do the right thing. In his free time, Tony enjoys being a father, grandfather, fisherman, hunter, and motorcycle enthusiast.

Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers has enjoyed 23 years as an installer. He specializes in carpet, hardwood, laminate, LVP, and tile. He appreciates our company working hard to help out installers as much as possible. In his free time, Eric enjoys fishing.

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